'SNL': The Grinch, Pigeon Lady, and More Christmas Characters Show Up for Final Episode of 2020

Kyle Mooney, Chloe Fineman, Pete Davidson as The Grinch, Mikey Day, and host Kristen Wiig during "The Grinch" sketch on Saturday, December 19, 2020
Will Heath/NBC

From left: Kyle Mooney, Chloe Fineman, Pete Davidson as The Grinch, Mikey Day, and host Kristen Wiig during "The Grinch" sketch

Kristen Wiig hosted the final Saturday Night Live episode of 2020, opening the show with a musical monologue. It was also the season’s official Christmas show, and Dua Lipa was featured as the musical guest.

There was a lot of singing in the episode, including a duet between Wiig and Bowen Yang performing for soldiers. Dua Lipa made a cameo in the sketch, joining in on their sexual song.

Kenan Thompson played the host in a 1960s-set game show sketch called “Secret Word,” in which Wiig and Kate McKinnon played celebrity contestants trying to get their teammates to guess Christmas-themed words. Wiig also appeared as a mom in a Christmas musical sketch in which her whole family got multiple extravagant gifts and she only got a robe.

Wiig later played the pigeon lady from Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. Melissa Villaseñor played Kevin McCallister, who watched as the pigeon lady murdered the wet bandits.

Weekend Update featured a montage of Trump photos and clips set to "Closing Time." While performing their annual joke swap tradition, Che tricked Jost into saying a joke about wife Scarlett Johansson. "It was announced that Creed singer Scott Stapp will play Frank Sinatra in an upcoming movie," Jost said as he read off the joke cue cards. "But the good news is Sammy Davis Jr. will be played by Scarlett Johansson." The joke poked fun at Johansson's past casting controversy.  After reading the joke, Jost laughed and shook his head.

"Barring a reverse Christmas miracle, this is the last episode of SNL when Donald Trump is still president," Colin Jost noted. Co-anchors Che and Jost did their Christmas show tradition of blind-reading the offensive jokes they wrote for each other.

In a Grinch-themed sketch, Wiig and Mikey Day played a Whoville couple who had a threesome with the Grinch, who was played by Pete Davidson.

Wiig brought back one of her very popular characters: Sue who loves surprises. It was a COVID-19-themed sequel to the Christmas Surprise sketch from season 35.