'SNL' Mocks Tim Tebow, Predicts Patriots' Victory Over Broncos (Video)

Saturday Night Live Tim Tebow Jesus - H

Saturday Night Live guest host Jimmy Fallon was sidelined Saturday night during one of the episode's funniest skits, which poked fun at Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Instead, Taran Killam and Jason Sudeikis took center stage as the NFL star and Jesus, respectively.

The sketch opens post-game in the Broncos locker room where Tebow is thanking his teammates and Jesus for helping him win the game, "I want to thank you guys for believing in me. I know I started a little shaky out there but we pulled it out 'cause we stuck together!

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"And also, I gotta thank the most important person in my life, my Lord and savior Jesus Christ because I could not do this without him. Thank you Jesus!"

He drops to one knee to "Tebow," and Sudeikis' Jesus appears.

Jesus tells the team, "First of all, you're welcome. Yes, I Jesus Christ am the reason you've won your past six football games."

He continues, "Here's the thing, if we're going to keep doing this, you gotta meet me halfway out there. Let's face it, it's not a good week if every week, I, the son of God have to come in, drop everything and bail out the Denver Broncos in the fourth quarter, I'm a busy guy."

Jesus later gives Tebow a tip for winning a game on his own: "Here's something else you should do before every game... stretch. Get the arm warm. Read the playbook. Do you read that?"

To which Tebow responds, "The holy bible is my playbook."

Broncos kicker Matt Prater, played by Andy Samberg, receives praise from Jesus for leading the team to victory with his lengthy field goals.

Jesus also says he's going to sit out of the next game to concentrate on others in need. And when told that Denver is playing the New England Patriots, Jesus jokes, "If I'm the son of God, Tom Brady's got to be his nephew. The guy's a miracle worker."

Jesus and SNL turned out to be right: New England beat Denver on Sunday, 41-23.