'SNL': Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch Return for Philadelphia vs. New England Showdown

In a sketch that recast the upcoming Super Bowl face-off between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots as a feud between Revolutionary War-era New Englanders and Philadelphians, former Saturday Night Live castmembers Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey made cameos on the NBC late-night skecth show this week to represent their respective hometowns.

Dratch, who is from Lexington, Massachusetts, led the group of New Englanders, including host Natalie Portman doing a comically bad Boston accent. The New Englanders sipped steins of “coffee from Dunkin’” (who turned out to be an actual person) and boasted about all the wars they’ve won. “Dynasty, that’s the word you’re looking for: dynasty,” Portman boasted in her over-the-top accent. “We eat the most lobsters.”

Then things got taken up a notch when Fey, who grew up outside of Philadelphia, entered to represent her hometown. “Like eagles, we Philadelphians are swift, we are deadly, and our eyes are a little too close together,” she declared in a heavy Philadelphia accent. “West Philadelphia, born and raised,” longtime castmember Kenan Thompson said.

The scene escalated into trash talk between former co-stars Fey and Dratch. “Boston’s not even a real city. It’s a college town with a fishing pier,” Fey said. “One if by land, two by your mother,” Dratch shot back.