'SNL': Trump Supporters Rationalize His Comments About Women

SNL Trump cold open - H 2016

Donald Trump continues to be a hot topic all over late night. 

Not one to ignore the GOP candidate, Saturday Night Live on April 2 opened with a faux CNN segment featuring Kate McKinnon playing a news anchor questioning Cecily Strong's guest contributor. 

McKinnon introduced the segment: "I've got the brain for MSNBC but the hair for Fox News, so here I am at CNN." She then asked contributor Strong how she keeps defending Trump after his Twitter comments about Ted Cruz's wife and more recently that women who get abortions should be "punished." 

Strong replied with the explanation, "Donald was just making an April Fools' joke, because it was April Fools'!"

When calmly reminded that his comments were made on March 30, Strong's contributor had an easy explanation for that. "That is why it is so funny," adding the rationalization that "of course he loves women, he is a father to a woman." 

McKinnon decided to cut away to Trump at a rally, where Darrell Hammond, playing the candidate, was yelling, "When I say women, you say suck!" Strong stuck by her idea that "Trump does not condone violence," which is when McKinnon cut away to Trump punching a supporter in the face. 

But Strong was ready with an explanation for that too. "Clearly that man had a bee on his face and Donald was just trying to punch it off for him … 10 times. You can't break me, Kate … because I'm crazy, and crazy don't break!"

Peter Dinklage hosted the April 2 episode with musical guest Gwen Stefani. The actor returns to season six of Game of Thrones on April 24. Russell Crowe will host the April 9 episode with musical guest Margo Price, with SNL veteran Julia Louis-Dreyfus to follow on April 16 with Nick Jonas.