'SNL': Watch Blake Shelton Flirt With Adam Levine, Rip 'The Bachelor'

SNL Celebrity Family Feud - H 2015

Blake Shelton stayed close to his country roots during his first venture as host of Saturday Night Live. He played a folksy reality star on The Bachelor, channeled Hee Haw and teamed up with his Voice cohorts. But how did his comedic chops measure up? Read on to find out.

The show began with a cold open calling out Tom Brady for playing dumb about the New England Patriots' DeflateGate controversy. "I'm not a science computer," the quarterback told reporters. 

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In his monologue, Shelton called himself the Justin Bieber of country music before bringing out the cast for some Hee Haw-style yuks. Will Leslie Jones laugh? For some reason, that became the big mystery. 

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Shelton and the cast offered a spot-on sendup of this season of The Bachelor, called Farm Hunk. "I like this," every contestant told the eligible guy. Among the accurate details were random sob stories, odd visual aids (welding gear?) and a proliferation of pediatric nurses and teachers. 

In Celebrity Family Feud, the Voice mentors faced off against the American Idol folks. During the game, things between Shelton and Adam Levine took a surprising turn.

Shelton performed several original songs in sketches, including one about a beloved wishin' boot. He also got to sport an impressive 'stache. 

On Weekend Update, Michael Che's old pal Riblet made a humorous appearance, proving that hosting the segment isn't all that tough. Plus, we always enjoy hearing a shout-out to Fribbles.

All in all, Shelton didn't really venture outside his comfort zone, and the episode wasn't among the best of the season. But there were still plenty of solid sketches, as both Celebrity Family Feud and The Bachelor turned out to be quite memorable. 

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