Louis C.K. Talks Race, Stand-Up and the Animal Kingdom in 'SNL' Monologue

Louis CK SNL - H 2017

Louis C.K. returned to the Saturday Night Live stage this week with a stand-up-filled monologue addressing uncomfortable, but hilarious, topics yet again. 

"Why did the chicken cross the road? Because there was a black guy walking behind him," he started off, to a mix of "boos" and laughter from the audience. 

The chicken was nervous, the comedian explained, so he crossed the road, then felt bad for being racist. "Don't be upset, this is not a racist joke. The chicken was racist, he was definitely racist, but that's chickens," quipped C.K.

The guest host went on in his nearly 10-minute monologue to talk about his thoughts on animals, including whether giraffes are afraid of heights and horses' true thoughts about people. 

After joking about having sex with a goat, he clarified: "I don't care that you're upset, I'm still getting the goat." 

C.K. continued: "I love doing this. This is my favorite thing to do, stand-up comedy. I've been doing this for 32 years now ... and it's been going great for four years.

"Twenty-eight years, I struggled. But you know what, I was happy then, too." he reminisced. "I was always happy when I was struggling, because when your life sucks, it just sucks, you don't expect anything else. ... Now I stay in five-star hotels and I'm miserable. I used to stay in motels." 

The comic went on to joke about motels vs. hotels, why he hates ordering room service and why he loves getting mad at customer service representatives. 

"You can hear in my voice that I'm white," C.K. related of a phone interaction with a housekeeping staff member at a hotel. "I will defend that. Because look, it's wrong that white people get preferential treatment. But as long as they do, what's going on at this hotel? I'm supposed to get the best! Because I'm white! Which is awful and wrong ... but where is [my laundry] right now?!" 

The comedian last hosted SNL in May 2015, when his stand-up style monologue sent fans into an uproar because of his jokes about child molestation. 

His latest stand-up special just debuted Tuesday on Netflix, which was filmed in Washington and titled 2017