'SNL': Weekend Update Tackles Coronavirus Outbreak, Debuts Burberry Surgical Masks

Bowen Yang brought back his recurring Weekend Update character Chen Biao on Saturday Night Live in the episode hosted by J.J. Watt. 

This time instead of being a trade representative, Chen Biao said he received a promotion to be an advisor about the coronavirus. "It pays more and it’s a lot sadder," he said of the promotion.

"What do you think about Delta and American Airlines suspending their flights to China till April," Michael Che asked Biao. "Oh, no, I can't fly American Airlines anymore?" he replied, feigning distress. The only airline where, if you ask for a Sprite, they say, 'is Sierra Mist okay?'" 

Biao then asked, "Who will I pay to throw my luggage in the garbage?" Che said, "That's a good point, well, Chen we know it's a really difficult time right now and we wish you all the best."

Biao thanked him, and then said, "We are committed to preventing the further spread of this virus with patience, diligence and these exclusive Burberry surgical masks." He proceeded to place a mask on his face while he said, "Wash your hands, our phones are covered in poop!"

The coronavirus has infected thousands and claimed numerous lives in China. The outbreak has also had a huge impact on the entertainment industry and global box office.