'SNL' Weekend Update Tackles Trump's Positive COVID-19 Test: "I Wish Him a Really Lengthy Recovery"

Colin Jost and Michael Che in 'Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" segment
Will Heath/NBC

In the season 46 premiere of Saturday Night Live, Weekend Update tackled Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis with Michael Che and Colin Jost sharing their reactions to the news cycle.

Che said that it almost felt too on-the-nose given that the president has been downplaying the severity of the virus, infrequently wearing masks and perpetuating misleading information. Che compared the situation to if he were making fun of people wearing belts, and then his pants were to fall down.

"I honestly thought Trump was trying to get Corona," Che said. "I wish him a really lengthy recovery."

"It sounds like they’re cutting his hydroxychloroquine with a little bit of molly," Jost said after referencing one of the president’s recent tweets in which he wrote "LOVE" followed by three exclamation points.

Bowen Yang also brought back his popular character Chen Biao to talk about the recent TikTok ban.

Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday, and much of the SNL premiere, hosted by Chris Rock, focused on the recent news.