'SNL's' Ellen DeGeneres Impersonator Kate McKinnon Dances With Her Muse (Video)

The comedian appears on "Ellen," dressed in an outfit identical to the host's, and briefly takes over emcee duties.
DeGeneres, left, and McKinnon dressed as the TV host.

Kate McKinnon -- the next Ellen DeGeneres?

During an interview with the daytime talk show host, the Saturday Night Live star was given one of DeGeneres' signature outfits -- denim pants, striped socks, a pair of white sneakers and a collared long-sleeve tucked under a black sweater -- to wear throughout the Ellen show.

"I am going to treasure this forever," said an excited McKinnon to DeGeneres.

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The comedian, who went backstage for a quick change, stepped out looking like DeGeneres (complete with a wig) and started dancing to Justin Timberlake's "Suit and Tie" with the talk show host.

Sitting in DeGeneres' usual seat, McKinnon put on a pair of glasses and said "it's time to do an interview" and described the TV host's tiny book like a "little baby goat."

McKinnon ended their interview by telling viewers "to be kind to one another please. Adios, Arrivederci, Avocados. I'm vegan. Just kidding, I'm..."

Per Ellen's usual ending, the pair danced away with audience members. Watch McKinnon as DeGeneres below: