Snooki Vs. Italy: 6 Battles for the Guidette on 'Jersey Shore' Season 4 (Video)

MTV released a new extended trailer showing Snooks has some definite challenges in Florence.
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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi on MTV's "Jersey Shore."

The new season of Jersey Shore premieres Thursday, Aug. 4 and while the crew wasn’t at MTV’s session at the Television Critics Association (TCA) Press Tour on Friday, the network premiered a new extended version of the trailer.

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The trailer shows that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi seems to be dealing with several challenges while in Italy.

In just the three minutes of the extended trailer, we saw the guidette taking on six obstacles.

1. Snooki Vs. The Airport. We’ve seen her get smacked down before, but while at the airport it looks like Snooki can also be vertically challenged all by herself.

2. Snooki Vs. The Italian Language. Part of going to a foreign country is dealing with the native tongue. So, when Snooks has a problem with just the Italian word for the city she’s living in, Florence, we get a feeling there will be plenty of other “lost in translation” moments for the guidette in Season 4.

3. Snooki Vs. The Italian Police. Apparently, Snooki and Deena Cortese decided to take the car out, but they ended up taking two cars out: Their car and an Italian police car. That lands Snooki in jail for the fender bender, which should have made her feel more at home.

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4. Snooki Vs. Italian Pigeons. After all that time down the shore, you’d think Snooki would be used to pigeons. Apparently, their Italian cousins are more aggressive than she and the other guidettes are used to.

5. Snooki Vs. The Battle of the Bulge. While she’s typically very comfortable with her meatball-shaped physique, maybe Italian women are making her feel a bit intimidated. Snooks takes on a new intense exercise routine, which is throwing her roomies off a bit.

6. Snooki Vs. Her Roomies. We’re not sure how the melee begins, but Mike “The Instigation” Sorrentino isn’t that much of a surprise. But, when she goes head-to-head with bestie, Jenni “JWoww” Farley? Now, that’s unexpected.

Watch the new extended trailer below.

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