Snooki and Newt Gingrich Exchange Tweets Ahead of 'Tonight Show' Appearance (Video)

“Chillen w Newt!” the "Jersey Shore" star tweeted, while the former presidential candidate wondered if Nicole Polizzi liked zoo animals.
Callista Gingrich/Instagram

Newt Gingrich has a doctorate in history. Snooki has a Ph.D. in partying. Why shouldn’t the two be pals?

The former Republican presidential candidate and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi appeared on NBC's The Tonight Show on Wednesday, and both took to Twitter to express their excitement at getting to meet one another.

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Gingrich took time off from tweeting about “another failed policy” from President Obama to plug his appearance with Polizzi.

In a tweet he wrote Tuesday and later deleted, Gingrich said: “I will be on leno wednesday night with Snooki! It should be an interesting evening! I hope she likes zoos and animals!”

For the unfamiliar, the former house speaker has a penchant for tweeting about cute animals.

Later, Gingrich replaced that tweet with the less odd-sounding: “On the way to snooki and jay! Callista and I both look forward to what should be a fascinating show. Tonight show is always a class act.”

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Snooki took a more minimalist approach, simply tweeting “Chillen w Newt! ✌”

In a preview of the episode, Gingrich congratulates Snooki on her new book, Gorilla Beach. It looks like the two have quite the rapport, though Gingrich admits he's never seen an episode of Jersey Shore.

Watch the video below.