'Snooki & JWOWW': Nicole Polizzi, Jenni Farley Talk Pregnancy, Sobriety and Getting 'Crazy' (Q&A)

Snooki & JWOW PR Image - H 2012

Snooki & JWOW PR Image - H 2012

It’s a far cry from Jersey Shore, but Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “JWOWW” Farley’s Jersey City-based spin-off promises drama and hijinks along with a well-publicized pregnancy.

“Obviously I was scared,” Snooki tells The Hollywood Reporter of her decision to inform Jenni of her pregnancy. “I still wanted to move in with her and if somebody told me that they were pregnant and engaged, I wouldn’t want to live with them. So, I was just nervous that Jenni wouldn’t want to live with me.”

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But luckily for the network, Jenni agreed and Snooki & JWOWW got underway. 

Below, read what the duo had to say about Snooki’s surprise pregnancy and engagement to beau Jionni LaValle, Jenni’s relationship (and future) with Roger Mathews and what viewers can expect from their Laverne & Shirley-esque series.

The Hollywood Reporter: What kind of relationship do you have with [show creator] SallyAnn Salsano? What is she like as an executive producer?

Jenni “JWOWW” Farley: We call her Mom. She’s like alternate mom.
Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi: Yeah. We call her Mom. She’s like our mother hen, so we love her.

THR: When I spoke with SallyAnn, she told me that you were really worrying about telling Jenni about the pregnancy. She said you were freaking out. Can you tell me a little bit about what that was like for you before you told her?
: Yeah. Obviously I was scared to tell her because I still wanted to move in with her and if somebody told me that they were pregnant and engaged, I wouldn’t want to live with them. So, I was just nervous that Jenni wouldn’t want to live with me.

THR: And Jenni, what was your reaction?

Farley: Well, it was basically the reaction on the show. I was…
Polizzi: Like what the hell is going on.
Farley: Yeah. Yeah. Shocked like I could not even explain.

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THR: Snooki, you’ve been pretty forward about the fact that like the pregnancy seems pretty easy for you and your cravings are normal, but I wanted to ask Jenni -- what are the best and worst parts of Snooki being pregnant?

Farley: I don’t think there’s a worst part with her, because she’s actually handling her pregnancy extremely well. I see women that have like, the worst symptoms ever, like, they look like death. And Nicole is still rocking six-inch heels, doing her hair and make-up and just really living it up to the point where she’s normal. It’s just Nicole without the partying side.
Polizzi: Jenni said it’s like me having a hangover, but now I’m just saying I’m pregnant.

THR: Did you miss any of the stuff that you could on Jersey Shore? There must have been moments that you were like, “I wish I could just go out right now and go nuts.”

Polizzi: With the whole drinking thing, I’ve been doing it since I was like 16, so it wasn’t really that hard to give it up. I’ve been partying forever so, yeah, it was just actually really fun being sober and seeing Jenni be the crazy one.

THR: Can you see yourself sort of returning to that after the baby is born?

Polizzi: No, because I’m going to be a parent and it totally changes your life, and I’m totally accepting that so, I’m just excited to be a parent. I feel like the partying stuff, that’s just a fact that you get over in life and…
Farley: It comes back later on.
Polizzi: Yeah, I mean, not to say that I’m not going to go out with my girlfriends, like once a week or whatever, but now my life is dedicated to my child.

THR: Give viewers highlights of what they’ll see this season on your spin-off.

Polizzi: You’re going to see the first trimester of my pregnancy. Me and Jenni are living together and being best friends, and then our relationships with our boyfriends.
Farley: Drama.
Polizzi: Yeah. We go to Cancun for a little trip so, there’s been a lot going on

THR: Jenni, tell me where your relationship is with Roger during shooting.

Farley: Well, we’ve been together for two years, and because of that, we have became very relaxed in our relationship, so moving to Jersey City kind of helped it a little bit and I think that we broke the repetition. But by breaking the repetition, you do see some crazy blowout fights due to the fact that we’re both very hot-headed, and we don’t like to back down. He’s really supportive, but I am finally dating a man and because I’m dating a man, I’m not getting my way all the time. A lot of people could kind of see that last year he put me in my place over the phone, but now it’s just like, in person.

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THR: Nicole, you see Jionni a lot, but he doesn’t seem like he likes some of your crazier ways and also, getting drama on camera. Does he get sort of more comfortable in this season spin-off?

Polizzi: Yeah. He’s not really into the whole camera thing because he’s just such a private person but he knows who he’s dating and when I’m filming, if he wants to see me he has to come on camera. But I think on the spin-off he’s definitely just let loose, and been himself, which is really cool because he’s actually a very funny guy. He’s loving and he’s fun, so I hope people get to see that side of him.

THR: Both of you are big businesswomen. Do we see you guys working on some of your ideas and companies during the season?

Farley: No. We don’t show any part of our fame during the show. We just want to be normal people, just like we are on the Jersey Shore.

THR: What are you both working on now?

Farley: Just my line of Australian Gold, and there’s a few new products that are going to be coming out and we’re just really concentrating on the bikinis, because it’s about to be swimwear season and there’s going to be another book involved, but besides that it’s the same old stuff.
Polizzi: I’m coming out with new tanning stuff, I have a new book coming out, I am starting baby slippers, because I did the regular slippers, so I’m just doing little mini ones for kids -- obviously because I’m having a kid. And then I would also love to do diaper bags. Like, animal print stuff, because I can’t really find any animal print baby stuff. So I would just love to make my own.

THR: Is there anything you’re specifically looking forward to seeing on the show?

Polizzi: I’m just excited to see me sober. Like, being me not looking all sweaty and gross and hung over, you know, just seeing me normal. I’m excited to see that.
Farley: I just want to see the whole thing edited. There’s really nothing specific, because I don’t know what’s going to be shown and what’s not going to be shown, but I did live it so I just want to see how it turns out. In the moment, you might not think things are as exciting or crazy, you know what I mean? But then when you watch it…
Polizzi: But when you watch it, it’s like, “oh shit, that was intense.”
Farley: Yeah. It’s like, “holy crap, I didn’t realize how intense that was.”

THR: Jenni, will there be a side of you that the viewers see that they haven’t seen of you before?

Polizzi: She’s fun.
Farley: Yeah. I guess I was boring before.
Polizzi: No. I feel like Jenni was always taking care of me, so we kind of like switched roles. Like, I’m like the mom taking care of things, and she is like just letting loose and enjoying life.

THR: If you guys were to get a second season for your spin-off, what would be the next chapter of your life?

Polizzi: Well, I’ll probably be giving birth. I’ll have a kid by then. We’d both hopefully be engaged, so, I don’t know.
Farley: I have no comment. I have no idea. I don’t want to put the pressure on Roger.