Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi Confirms Her Pregnancy; Talks Engagement

The newly engaged reality star is finally opening up about her pregnancy and why she first denied the accusation.
US Weekly

At least the pickle cravings won't be anything new--

In an exclusive interview with US Weekly, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi confirmed the widely circulating rumors: she is, indeed, pregnant. The MTV reality star opened up about her engagement to Jionni LaValle, and how the two 24-year-olds first reacted to the news. While they were said to be thrilled after a reported five pregnancy tests ran positive, Polizzi admits she was also concerned: "'S--t, I've been drinking!' I was worried. It was New Year's Eve and we were in Vegas, so I did go crazy." Not to worry though. LaValle stated (in what are presumably words of reasurement), "We are not going to screw this up."

Now 15 weeks into her pregnancy, Polizzi explains why she dispelled the rumors at first: "I wanted to make sure the baby is OK. Things can go wrong, like a miscarriage. It was my business, and I wasn't ready to tell."

Don't retire your hair pouf too soon though; the pint-sized partier plans to visit her friends at the shore at some point, only these time she won't be slamming back shots at the clubs. "If anything, I'll visit the shore. I'm not living in that house being pregnant. I don't want to be one of those moms who's pregnant in a club. It's disgusting."

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As for whether the two are hoping for a little guido or guidette? The two seem to be torn. "She wants a cheerleader, and I want an athlete," LaValle said told Us. "If it's a girl, she is not dating until she is 18." Although Snooki seems to have other plans, "I'm letting her date. I started dating at 13."

The couple claimed that they won't marry for at least another year, so that their baby can partake in the ceremony-- and so that the starlet can drop the baby weight!

Polizzi didn't address her spinoff reality show she and fellow Jersey Shore cast member, JWoww, were filming together in Garden State.