Snooki on Staying Sober and Why She was Spotted Pushing Around a Stroller Full of Beer (Video)

Having just wrapped filming on the sixth season of Jersey Shore and with her spinoff series, Snooki & JWOWW, still in full swing on MTV, pint-sized reality starlet Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is making the most of her final days as an expectant mother before she’s due to give birth to baby Lorenzo. Embarking on a bit of a media blitz in her final month of pregnancy, Snooki stopped by The Hollywood Reporter for a chat about staying sober and a certain controversial snapshot from Seaside.

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While filming Jersey Shore this summer, Snooki was photographed pushing a baby stroller full of beer to the beach. The picture quickly made the rounds on the Internet, prompting jokes and ire from the 24-year-old’s many critics.

“I don't know why that picture’s a big deal,” Snooki tells THR. “We were having a bonfire and everyone was carrying the tables and the chairs. Obviously I cannot lift anything like that, because I’m pregnant, so I decided to use my stroller and everyone put everything that they wanted [in it]. Drinks and stuff. And then I strolled it down to the beach.

“Obviously I wasn't drinking it,” she adds. “People just take me way too seriously.”

Indeed, Snooks has never been one to shy away from criticism. While her brazen behavior and outrageous comments have risen many-an-eyebrow, those same traits have also earned her 5.2 million Twitter followers, countless fans and enough viewers to secure her status as an MTV staple.

“Let loose, Live it up & live your life the way YOU want to. Screw what people say about you & I promise you life will be amazing,” Snooki posted to Twitter shortly after THR’s interview.

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And while Snooki continues to speak her mind without regret, she’s recently gained a new perspective on her former hard-partying ways, admitting that she now sees why people were “annoyed” with her drunken self.

“It’s definitely cool to watch your friends be drunken idiots and you’re like, ‘wow, I used to act like that,’” she says. “So now I understand why people were annoyed with me. Because we’re crazy.”

On Thursday’s episode of Snooki & JWOWW, Snooks officially fesses up about her little meatball in the oven to her Jersey Shore roommates, and the duo host a housewarming party for their friends and family. Neither occasion goes quite the way Snooki had planned.

“I thought they were going to go crazy and be so happy and take shots for me. You know, just be really excited for me,” Snooki says of her roommates’ reaction to the news. “And then when I told them, they were just grilling me and saying, ‘what’s your plan, like, as parents.’”

“I was definitely disappointed with the roomies’ reactions at first,” she adds. “But then once they eased into it, they were actually happy and they were proud of me and they’re supporting me. As long as they support me, that’s all I wanted.”

With her press tour wrapping up on Thursday, Snooki tells THR that her next plan of action is to return home to Jersey and begin setting up her baby’s nursery.

“Right when I get back home, I’m gonna start shopping and looking for furniture and relaxing,” she says. “Getting myself prepared to give birth.”

Watch Snooki & JWOWW Thursday at10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV, and check back with THR's The Live Feed blog for more from Snooki and Jenni "JWOWW" Farley.

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