Sochi: Lindsey Vonn Says It'll Be 'Hard' to Watch Olympics, Excited to Cover (Video)

Lindsey Vonn
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Despite numerous offers of acting work, Vonn has kept Hollywood largely at bay due to a grueling training schedule that sees her in the gym four to six hours a day, five to six days a week.

"It’s always like a week or 10 days of shooting, and I never have that much time to give while I’m preparing for my next event," says the Law & Order junkie (her parents are lawyers).

NBC's new Olympics correspondent Lindsey Vonn admitted it will be hard watching the Winter Games as a spectator, but said she's excited for the new challenge of covering Sochi.

In an interview on Tuesday's Today, Vonn said she's already finding it difficult to see commercials for the Olympics, now that she's not competing, and imagines it will be tough to watch her fellow skiers compete.

VIDEO: Lindsey Vonn Withdraws From Sochi Olympics

"You guys run commercials about Sochi about every two minutes and it's killing me," she said on the NBC morning show. "I'm trying not to watch as much as I can, but it's going to be really, really hard to watch the Alpine events."

Vonn joked that she's not looking forward to waking up early in the morning, as she had to do for her 7:30 a.m. ET spot on Today, but she's excited about doing something new for the Olympics. "I've never done something like this before, and I'm looking forward to this new challenge."

NBC announced Monday that Vonn, who recently said she would not be competing in Sochi, would serve as a correspondent for NBC Sports during its Olympics coverage next month, reporting daily for Today. She won't be traveling to Russia, though, and instead will be reporting from the Today studio in New York.

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Vonn, who's now recovering from her second knee surgery in the past 12 months, has said she plans to ski in the World Championships next year.

On Today, the skier said she's confident she'll be ready to go for that event.

"After making the decision not to compete in Sochi, I've actually committed myself to racing through to the next Olympics," she said. "I'm very motivated. I have a lot that I want to accomplish still, and I'm going to take my time. I felt a little bit rushed last time, trying to be back and ready for Sochi. I'm not going to probably ski until October. But I'm going to be racing next year, and the year after that, and the year after that."

Watch Vonn's full interview on Today below.

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