Sofia Vergara, Jason Sudeikis Fight Over Accents in 'SNL' Promos (Video)

The "Modern Family" star trades humorous barbs with the cast member to promote her Saturday hosting gig.

Nothing is set in stone until right before Saturday Night Live hits the air (and sometimes, things change even then), but if you want a hint about what the writers and cast will focus on during Sofia Vergara's guest host stint this weekend, her promotional spots give a pretty good idea.

Playing the straight woman to a bewildered Jason Sudeikis, the various quick takes play on Vergara's Colombian accent and her sex appeal -- both of which alternately confuse, enrage and arouse her co-star-to-be.

Joining Vergara on Saturday's show is British boy band sensation One Direction. Whether Sudeikis can understand their accents remains to be seen.

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