'SNL' Recap: Sofia Vergara Visits 'Hunger Games', Mocks Fran Drescher (Video)

Sofia Vergara SNL April 2012

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara started her Saturday Night Live hosting duties by acknowledging two things she thought might be on viewers' minds: her Colombian accent and her comely figure.

“Forgive me if you cannot understand what I say,” she said during her opening monologue, “and I will forgive you for staring at my chest the whole night.”

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Vergara embraced her accent, saying it could make anything sound sexy. She demonstrated this power by saying a few particularly unsexy words: gonorrhea, Rick Santorum and New Jersey.

Vergara’s accent wasn’t a liability during the episode, which saw her primarily playing South American characters. An exception came early in the night, when she did a pretty decent Fran Drescher during an installment of Bein' Quirky with Zooey Deschanel

Vergara also appeared as a correspondent during a parody of The Hunger Games, which featured Bill Hader as Games character Caesar Flickerman and Fred Armisen as Claudius Templesmith.

In a role reminiscent of Elizabeth Banks’ Games character Effie Trinket, Vergara plays a self-obsessed Capitol TV broadcaster. She is on location in the Games arena, pulling contestants from hiding spots left and right. Each young contestant she reveals promptly dies by a competitor’s hand. That pattern ends when Vergara’s character meets Katniss Everdeen, whom Vergara presses for details about her lovelife. Does Peeta mind that Katniss has a boy back in District 12?

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Katniss resolves the situation by sharing some special berries with the oblivious broadcaster. Hader closes the segment with this tagline:

"The Hunger Games is brought to you by Tylenol. 'Spear in your head?' Tylenol.”

SNL is new next week, with host Josh Brolin and musical guest Gotye.