Hulu's 'Solar Opposites': Tiffany Haddish, Christina Hendricks to Guest Star

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For Rick and Morty fans going through withdrawal, this year's Comic-Con was the antidote.

In addition to a panel looking at the Adult Swim series, Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland touted his new Hulu animated comedy Solar Opposites, which he co-created with Rick and Morty executive producer Mike McMahan.

Solar Opposites, which premieres in 2020 on Hulu, follows a group of aliens whose home planet is destroyed by an asteroid. They flee and crash land on Earth on top of a house in the suburbs, where they make their home.

"The show is very violent," said Roiland. "The characters are very sweet and nice, but they tend to kill a lot of people accidentally. They don’t understand human culture. They don't know what's real and what's fake."

In addition to Roiland, the cast includes Sean Giambrone and Mary Mack.

At Comic-Con, the team revealed that Tiffany Haddish is the voice of the mean A.I. of the alien ship, with other guest voice talents include Alfred Molina, Christina Hendricks, Andy Daly and Alan Tudyk. Roiland also teased a role for Thomas Middleditch with a joke about the third president of the United States, because he was not yet at liberty to say the Silicon Valley star is part of the series.

The series has its roots back near the end of season two of Rick and Morty, when Roiland and McMahan spent a month developing it. But after that month, neither one was happy.

"I don't like this show at all," Roiland recalled thinking.

They went back to work and re-invented the series and added new concepts: The aliens, who are not gendered, don't reproduce sexually, but rather cut off part of themselves and put it in soil from their home world to grow replicants.

Among the footage the audience saw were two of the aliens going to a mall meet and greet with the star of a children's TV show. Because the aliens cannot tell the difference between fact and fiction, they are horrified to learn the character was not real, but was actually just a young man in a costume. They worked to make things right by creating a real-life version of this character with their space ship. 

The first eight-episode season will drop at once on Hulu, which the team said lends itself to be more serialized storytelling than Rick and Morty. One dangling thread: when the aliens' home planet was destroyed, 100 pods were sent out into space.

"We don't know where those 99 pods went, who was on them," said Roiland, who noted that's something that could be explored in the future.

The team stressed that while the show features an animation style similar to Rick and Morty and has sci-fi themes, it's a different show, in particular because you don't have a genius like Rick around. (The aliens Solar Opposites follow are not that bright.)

Last year, Hulu gave the series a two-season, 16-episode order to the series. When the panel kicked to fan questions, the first one up was pointed: will Solar Opposites have a long wait between seasons, as Rick and Morty is known for?

"I expect this to moving smoothly," said McMahan. "You should be seeing this and Rick and Morty more quickly [too]."