'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: No Luck of the Irish

The motorcycle club tries to track down the Irish after the murder of two members of their club.
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"Sons of Anarchy"

After a week of bloody deaths (goodbye Otto and Lee Toric!), Sons of Anarchy returned on Tuesday with the club trying to track down the Irish after a couple of the SAMCRO members were brutally murdered. Jax deals with problems with the police, while Clay ends up getting an offer from the Irish.

After the Irish

The episode begins with the California motorcycle club staking out the Irish hotspots. They're on a revenge mission after the Irish chopped up a couple members of the club. They corner some Irish to find out where Galen and Connor are. They say Galen is already long gone, but Connor is still in town.

After a long chase scene, the Sons are able to capture Connor. Jax gets the phone number for the leaders of the Irish group and asks them if they can avoid an all-out war. The three kings are apprehensive about working with the late Pope's organization instead of the Sons. They say they'll have to talk it over with the others.

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But Galen says he wants to keep working with Clay. He says he's already gotten the wheels turning to get Clay out of jail. Galen says they can continue to work through Clay while severing ties with Jax and the club.

Lieutenant Eli Roosevelt is tasked with getting Nero Padilla to help build a case against the Sons because there's suspicion that the club was responsible for the gun used in the school shooting. He follows Nero and Jax as they go to work on their new escort service.

Tara's Plan

Tara tells Jax that she needs to get out of town because Gemma is scaring her. Wayne offers to help Tara with her "exit strategy," but says he'll need to know all the details.

Gemma visits Wendy and asks her to bring her a copy of Tara's will. She'll show it to Jax to once and for all convince him that Tara is up to no good. "This push and pull with Tara -- I hate it. I just want the family to be right," Gemma tells Wendy.

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Wendy storms in on Tara with her lawyer and tells Tara that she can't keep lying to everyone.

Clay and Gemma

Juice gets a call from Clay's lawyer that Clay had gotten a conjugal visit set up and that Gemma needs to bring $500 in cash.

When Gemma gets to the prison, Clay reveals that he's heard from the Irish, who want to spring Clay from jail and let him be their distributor. He's run the whole thing from Belfast.

But when Gemma's ready to leave, the crooked prison cops say that the money wasn't enough for the visit -- they want to watch the conjugal visit. They beat up Clay a bit, but then Gemma agrees to do what they say.

When Gemma and Chibs meet back up with Jax, Chibs is angry that Jax has been trying to broker a deal between the Pope's old crew and the Irish. "I could have told you how deep this hatred runs," Chibs says to Jax.

At the end of the episode, the family and friends of SAMCRO are at the clubhouse, as the members gather for a call to the Irish at 8 p.m. But just moments before, Jax notices an Irish pen sitting on the bar and realizes that a "delivery" was made earlier in the day. They get everyone out of the clubhouse right before the place explodes.

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