'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Season 6 Premiere Full of Tragedy and Cheating

Sons of Anarchy Gemma 601 - H 2013

Sons of Anarchy Gemma 601 - H 2013

Sons of Anarchy has had plenty of shocking episodes throughout its first five seasons. The show has never shied away from bloody deaths, distressing violence or surprising storylines. But FX's motorcycle drama took things a step further with Tuesday's premiere episode for season six.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead from the season six premiere.]

The episode ended with a shocking twist. A young boy, who had been shown throughout the episode, was seen walking into a school and going on a shooting spree. This will obviously affect SAMCRO because the gun was sold to the kid's father by the motorcycle club.

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Here are other highlights from the season six premiere.

Jax, Tara and Clay

Jax is running both the club and his household because Tara is still in jail. Gemma is, of course, helping out with her grandkids.

Jax meets with August Marks, who is now running Damon Pope’s group. He tells Jax that Clay is in protective custody, which might mean that the Feds want him to turn on the club. August tells him that Jax still owes him Tig. While Jax tries to convince him that their club can’t handle another loss, August says that that’s not his problem and that the deal will be, if he can get Clay killed, then Jax will give him Tig.

Tara and her short hair should post bail soon, but Tara’s lawyer fills Jax in on Tara’s suspicions that it was Gemma who turned her in. Tara is also refusing to see Jax.

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Torture Porn

Layla is beat up because she was supposed to get a job that she thought was normal porn, but it turns out it was torture porn. Jax vows to go after the guys.

They drop by the warehouse and teach the torture porn crew not to mess with one of their women. However, just when they’re about to leave, the place gets busted by officers.

The officers bring them to Charlie Barosky (Peter Weller) who seems to run Stockton. After correcting Jax’s lack of knowledge on why the men aren’t called Persians, Barosky asks Nero to help his friend with her escort business.

Tig, still dealing with the death of his daughter, is pushed over the edge when one of the Iranian men makes a joke about his daughter doing porn. He drowns the man in a tub of literally piss and vinegar. He drops the body in the cage in the water.

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Lee Toric

The former U.S. Marshal is still pulling his connections to make the lives of the members of the club miserable. He has Otto being sexually attacked repeatedly in prison.

He also meets up with Clay and says he wants Clay to turn on the club so he can have his revenge for his sister’s death.

It turns out that it was Toric who got Tara put into jail. He visits her in jail, and tells her that he wants to use her, asking her to give up her husband. He offers her witness protection for her and her children. “I’m not guilty, and I’m not a rat,” she says.

Clay, however, might be. Before Clay walks into the general population at the prison, where he thinks he’ll be killed off by Damon Pope’s people, he tells the guard he wants a deal.

Juice and Chibs

Juice returns, but Chibs is not happy to see him. However, Jax has given Juice a pardon so there’s nothing Chibs can do other than beat him up -- which he does. He also helps him clean his wounds when he's done.

The last few moments of the episode are an emotional montage reviewing where every character is at the moment. It’s a stark difference from where they were even one season ago. Tara is seen starting a fight in jail; Tig is cradling a baby; Bobby's looking for another group to join; and Jax is being "taken care of" by the madame of the brothel.

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