'Sons of Anarchy': Ron Perlman Says Season 4 Was a Challenge (Video)

Ron Perlman, who plays the leader of the motorcycle club on FX’s Sons of Anarchy, says this season his character is dealing with losing his grip on the club.

His character, Clay Morrow, is struggling with arthritis in his hands, which threaten to take him out of his leadership role in the club because the rule is once you can’t ride, you can’t be a part of the club.

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In Season 4, Clay, along with most members of the club, have just gotten out of an long prison stint, and are looking to get the club back on its feet. His second in command, and his stepson, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) is also of concern to Clay because he seems to be questioning his own future with the club.

Perlman, who also starred in Hellboy and can be seen in the upcoming film Drive, told The Hollywood Reporter that his character is dealing with a lot in Season 4.

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“There is a keen awareness on his part that he’s loosing his grip and that he’s running out of time,” said Perlman at the premiere event for Season 4. “So there’s an added sense of desperation and urgency to his every move, his every impulse.”

Perlman joined the rest of the Sons of Anarchy cast and the creator of the show, Kurt Sutter, at an event in Hollywood celebrating the premiere of Season 4, and the relase of the DVD for Season 3. Perlman said that his character’s current state is a challenge for him as an actor.

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“A guy who was ruthless and unabashedly uncompromising is almost now almost out of control,” said Perlman. “It’s a very uncomfortable place to be as an actor and but it’s also an incredibly challenging place to be, and some place you don’t often find yourself in the world of television.”