Sony Looks Inside Its PlayStation Original 'Powers'

"We needed a home like PlayStation," says comic book creator Brian Michael Bendis.

The launch of Powers, the PlayStation original series based on the popular Brian Michael Bendis-Michael Avon Oeming comic book, is just weeks away, and to tease what to expect from the police procedural set in a superhero world, Sony has released an “Inside Look” at the show.

“In Powers, we have a story where people have powers and they don’t care what they do with them — just like humans do in this world — if they get to a position where they have fame [and] just do what they want with it,” Eddie Izzard, who plays the troublesome Wolfe in the series, explains in the video. In addition to featuring interviews with the main cast and crew of the show, Powers: An Inside Look also delves into the origins of the original comic book series and its translation to the screen.

“We are a rated-R independent comic about superheroes at their worst, and we needed a home like PlayStation,” Bendis says, while Sharlto Copley (who plays lead detective Christian Walker) adds that the venue “hasn’t affected how they make the show. If anything, it’s given us more license to make the show a little more gritty, a little darker.”

The first three episodes of Powers will debut March 10 on Sony’s PlayStation Store, with new episodes following weekly thereafter. PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to watch the season for free.

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