Jon Stewart Rips Apart SOPA And Its Sponsors (Video)

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On the same day that Wikipedia, Google and other websites protested against SOPA, Jon Stewart took the anti-piracy bill and the lawmakers supporting it to task. 

"Wikipedia's gone dark, what do they expect us to do?!" he lamented. "Go to the library like a common masturbator?!"

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Stewart then explained the proposed law before showing multiple clips of Congressmen using the word "nerd" to describe those familiar with the Internet, Stewart sniped, "Really? Nerds? You know, I think actually the word you're looking for is experts." 

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Directly following, he showed a clip of the character Fred "The Ogre" Palowakski, screaming "Nerds!" from the '80's cult classic Revenge of the Nerds. Though the host then admitted that the use of the clip was an "intellectual property issue." 

But, the comedian did also have some harsh words for the people that pirate clips, calling them "parasites,' before throwing himself into fray ... while using copyrighted material. 

Watch his SOPA rant below. 

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