'South Park' to Address "Basic Decency" of Americans in Season's Penultimate Episode

South Park - Screenshot - H - 2016
Comedy Central

As the 20th season winds down, the police department of South Park tries to control the panic of the people — in this case over a revealing internet history program — by telling them they all must rely on the "rationality and basic decency" of Americans. 

Needless to say, the townspeople freak out at that ridiculous notion. 

The Wednesday episode titled "Not Funny" is the second-to-last installment of a South Park season that revolved around both internet trolling and the presidential election. 

The topics have served the show, created by Colorado duo Trey Parker and Matt Stone, well as the 20th season got off to its best ratings start since 1999, per Comedy Central. This season also has seen a 16 percent gain from last season, according to the network.

This season, the Donald Trump character has been represented by Mr. Garrison — referred to as "Giant Douche." When the show last left Garrison, he had just experienced his first international crisis (everyone freaking out about the revealing internet history program) as president and was clueless as to how to respond. 

It appeared from previews of an earlier episode that the South Park crew believed Hillary Clinton would win the actual election. Trump's upset sent South Park Studios into overdrive to rewrite parts of the first episode that aired the day after the election. 

Watch a preview for "Not Funny" below.