'South Park' Burns as Show Mocks Climate Change Deniers

South Park Nobody Got Cereal - H 2018
Comedy Central/Hulu

South Park pulled no punches with those who still believe climate change is a hoax as the cartoon town burned in Wednesday's episode. 

In the episode "Nobody Got Cereal?" the boys are trying to atone for making fun of Al Gore years ago for his insistence that ManBearPig — a monster that is part man, part bear and part pig, and 100 percent a satirical stand-in for climate change — is real, and a threat to the world.  

As enormous portions of California burn with the worst wildfires in state history, so did the town of South Park. All the while, the townspeople asked if it was time to worry, most saying they might consider it time to think about starting to worry.

Most do not want to admit ManBearPig (climate change) is to blame for any of the destruction, thereby sidestepping any real solutions to the problem. 

"All right everyone, I know a lot of people have died and a lot of roads have been destroyed by the fire, so I would like to thank you all for coming to tonight's symposium: When Should I Start to Worry?" said a speaker addressing the townspeople.

The Al Gore character — who was mocked for his ManBearPig theory years ago by the show created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker — returned this season for an apology and to help the boys try to combat the problem, or make a new deal with ManBearPig, like the seniors in the community made decades ago. "We thought we'd all be dead by now," says one senior citizen when the boys demand answers about their former deal. 

In the end, the boys (Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny) try to strike a deal with ManBearPig that he will leave if the town gives up its cars and ice cream, which are what the elder townspeople got from ManBearPig in the first place. However, ManBearPig's lawyer says he will only go away if the boys give up soy sauce and a video game everyone in town is obsessed with, Red Dead Redemption 2. Not being able to part with the game, the boys restructure the deal with the clause that ManBearPig will return in five years, more terrifying than ever.

Stan's grandpa, the lead senior citizen in the show, laughs in the background, satisfied that the young people today are just as greedy and possession-driven as was his generation.