'South Park' Appears to Call Election for Hillary Clinton

South Park Clinton - H 2016
Comedy Central

Perhaps Matt Stone and Trey Parker know something we don't, or the guys are just taking a stab in the dark, but it seems this week's new episode of Comedy Central's South Park calls the presidential election for Hillary Clinton. 

In the seventh episode of the 20th season, "The Very First Gentleman," airing Wednesday, students are told former President Bill Clinton is visiting their school to "finally bring an end to sexism." 

The PC Principal character, a new fan favorite, says he's had it with "male locker-room mentality," a reference to the leaked 2005 Access Hollywood tape featuring Trump and Billy Bush. PC Principal also tells the kids, "Last night, our country changed." 

Any number of scenarios could be at play here. Stone and Parker are often praised by critics for taking an episode in an unexpected, smart direction. Also, it helps the that show has a quick turnaround time, which means an episode is able to be altered until around 9 a.m. on the day it airs. In fact, in 2008, after Barack Obama was elected president, that week's show ("About Last Night...") had actual portions of his acceptance speech in it. 

There was no new South Park episode last week. When season 20 left off on Oct. 17, the show's Trump, represented by Mr. Garrison (referred to as "Giant Douche"), begged voters to elect Hillary Clinton. Finally realizing he had no business in the White House, Garrison's Trump did all he could, including straight up telling his crowds he doesn't know what he's doing, in an effort to get out of the election. Nothing worked. His supporters didn't budge. 

Check out the preview for "The Very First Gentleman" below.