‘South Park’ Takes on Asperger’s Syndrome in Mid-Season Premiere (Video)

Fresh from their Tony Awards victory, Trey Parker and Matt Stone return to their animated hit and pull back the curtain on how it’s all done.
Comedy Central

South Park returns Wednesday night with the second half of its 15th season. In the mid-season premiere, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone take on Asperger's Syndrome (or in this case, "Ass Burgers Syndrome") as Cartman goes to the nurse complaining of strange symptoms with a wrapped hamburger stuff down the back of his pants.

The animated series' return this time is noteworthy in that it's the first batch of new episodes to be written since its creators won multiple Tony Awards over the summer for their Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon.

The musical took home nine awards, including best musical, best book and best original score.

Ass Burgers
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Comedy Central is also debuting its new South Park behind the scenes documentary 6 Days to Air on Sunday night. The film follows Parker, Stone and their army of animators through the break-neck production pace of a single week in which they conceive, write, animate and edit and entire episode of South Park.