'South Park' Closes Season by Erasing the Internet, Taking One Last Shot at Trump's Election

South Park Trevor’s Axiom - H 2016
Comedy Central

Another season of South Park is on the books with the conclusion of season 20 on Wednesday. 

The 10-episode run was capped with "The End of Serialization as We Know It," which ended with the internet's search history erased, allowing everyone to start anew. Of course, the kicker was that it took no time for people to go back to trolling online. 

One of the more notable jokes was a shot at Donald Trump's election, which has been told through Mr. Garrison, who has been playing a Trump-like character since last season.

While trying to understand how the government could destroy an internet-search-revealing program set in motion by the Danish to stop trolling, Garrison's Trump is told of an equation, Trevor's axiom, that explains how trolling works and its serious power. 

Basically, the equation shows that the purpose of trolling for most people these days is not to hurt an individual but rather to get under the skin of a larger group, who in turn picks a fight with another group of people who don't agree with them and so on, setting off a vile chain reaction of hate and anger.

Garrison's Trump replies, "That sorta sounds like how I got elected."

Both Trump and Hillary Clinton were skewered throughout the season. The show's crew was so certain Clinton would win the election, they had to scramble to do major rewrites of the episode that aired the following Wednesday. 

It will be interesting to see if creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker were giving fans a hint that the show next season will go back to dealing with a single topic wrapped up at the end of each episode, as opposed to the approach they've taken the past few seasons, with a singular storyline throughout the run. The title of this season's finale, "The End of Serialization as We Know It," along with a part of speech given by Kyle in last week's episode, seem to point to that possible change next year. 

Watch the Trevor's axiom explanation below.