'South Park': Donald Trump Character Clueless Amid First Large-Scale International Crisis

Members Only - H 2016
Comedy Central

South Park threw its Donald Trump character into his first huge international crisis since becoming president, and it was not flattering. 

The Trump character, represented by Mr. Garrison (referred to as "Giant Douche" during the general election), was given full access to the government's top secrets and nuke codes in Wednesday's new episode, "Members Only."

He was also called upon to advise military leaders on how to handle a conflict that has been brewing around the world this season, with Denmark threatening to reveal every single person's internet history as a way to combat trolls. 

"Why are you asking me?!" Garrison's Trump says when sought for orders. "I don't know! Jeez!" 

Before that crisis came to a head, the Trump character returned to South Park, where he found those who insulted or were rude to him in the past and made them preform oral sex on him to atone. 

There are only two episodes left in the show's 20th season. 

It was also revealed Wednesday night that last week's episode, "Oh, Jeez," which aired the day after the election, went through numerous changes, including three different titles, because the crew assumed Hillary Clinton would win. 

"The #SouthPark crew finished the episode 'Oh, Jeez' about 9 hours prior to the premiere, Wednesday morning, the day after the election," the show's official Twitter account posted. "This scene with the Marsh family was one of four totally new scenes. Trey [Parker] wrote them around 1 a.m. Wednesday morning. #SouthPark." 

See a clip from "Members' Only," and get more inside details on last week's episode below: