'South Park': Donald Trump Character Easily Goaded Into Bombing Another Country

South Park Not Funny - H 2016
Comedy Central

Well, that didn't take much.

The Donald Trump character in the new episode of South Park, "Not Funny," only needed to be insulted a few times before he flew off the handle and decided to bomb another country — and then changed his mind when insulted to stop. 

The segment, once again poking fun at the president-elect character portrayed by Mr. Garrison, is part of the overall theme of this season, which revolve around internet trolls and a program devised by the Danish that would reveal everyone's online history around the globe.

In an effort to stop the program from being initiated, the people of South Park ask Garrison's former lover, Mr. Slave, to push his buttons so he will bomb Denmark.

"You're such a little bitch," Mr. Slave tells Garrison to get under his skin. "You're too scared to bomb anybody. You don't have the balls to bomb anybody." 

Those insults ignite Garrison, who decides he will bomb Denmark, until other characters hurl insults, making him change his mind once again. 

There is only one episode left this season, the 20th cycle of the series, which got off to its best ratings start since 1999, per Comedy Central. This season has also seen a 16-percent gain from last season, according to the network.

Watch a clip below: