'South Park' Episode Mocks Harvey Weinstein Reemergence

South Park Still - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of Comedy Central

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for the South Park episode "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special."]

South Park went after Harvey Weinstein after the disgraced movie mogul made headlines when he appeared in a New York comedy club and was mocked by a comedian.

In Wednesday's episode, "Tegridy Farms Halloween Special," Randy is preparing to have a huge Halloween party on his weed farm. His daughter, Shelly, hates how marijuana makes people dumb and tries to destroy his special crop with chemicals. Randy smokes the altered weed and begins to hallucinate, sees a zombie Winnie the Pooh (a reference to an earlier episode) and then phones police to tell them he is being raped by Weinstein.

The episode ends with Randy waking up a few days later and saying he realized his bad trip was just a hallucination, and that he wasn't actually raped by Weinstein. He then pulls out a used condom, rethinks what he said and throws it against the wall.

In reality, comedian Kelly Bachman made headlines when she confronted Weinstein at an event put on by Actor's Hour at the Downtime Bar in New York City last week.

During her 10-minute set, Bachman called out "the Freddy Krueger in the room."

South Park again took a shot at Chinese President Xi Jinping, showing Randy wearing a mask of his face in the opening credits of the show.

The Comedy Central cartoon has been banned in China because it has been critical of the Chinese government this season.

Protesters in Hong Kong have embraced the show, and some have even worn masks depicting its characters during protests.