'South Park' Goes After Roseanne Barr, 'Simpsons' Apu Character

In the new episode, Mr. Hankey got himself in trouble for tweeting vile messages about the townspeople, but he blamed it on Ambien.
Comedy Central/Hulu
A 'Simpsons' bit on 'South Park'

South Park set its sights on Roseanne Barr and her Ambien tweeting.

On Wednesday night's episode titled "The Problem With Poo," Mr. Hankey got himself in trouble over and over again for tweeting vile messages about the townspeople. 

When he was called out on his tweets, he blamed the "bad jokes" on Ambien, which is exactly what happened with Barr when she tweeted a racist message over the summer, which cost her her self-titled ABC show.

The Comedy Central cartoon, in its 22nd season, also mocked Brett Kavanaugh and the incident in which the judge was asked to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee after he was accused of sexual assault following his nomination to the Supreme Court.

Mr. Hankey ultimately lost his job working for the city and became a pariah. The one person who tried to stick up for him, Kyle, also became an outcast, but he was not forced to leave town. 

The talking Christmas poo character has been with the series since the first season. 

The episode ended with the cartoon taking a shot at The Simpsons: People wondered where Mr. Hankey might go after leaving South Park. 

It was suggested there was only one town still stuck in its racist ways where he would fit in. The scene then cuts to Springfield and everyone welcoming Mr. Hankey, including Apu. 

The classic Fox cartoon was under fire earlier this year for the character of Apu, with some calling it a racist depiction and demanding he be changed or eliminated. 

Simpsons brass made it clear neither would happen.