'South Park' Takes Shots at Disney+ and Streaming Services

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for the South Park episode "Basic Cable"]

Matt Stone and Trey Parker took South Park in an ultra meta direction Wednesday in an episode that poked fun at both streaming services and the cable company. 

Titled "Basic Cable," the penultimate of season 23 revolved around the fan-favorite character Scott Malkinson, who is often mocked by Cartman for his lisp and diabetes, but here is featured in his own single-episode show. 

A new girl moves to town and Scott is instantly smitten with her because she also has diabetes. The new girl is a huge fan of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian (Yes, Baby Yoda made it onto South Park) and wants to watch the new episode with Scott. Problem is, Scott's father works for the cable company and is bitter because streaming services have hurt his business, so he refuses to purchase any of them, no matter how much his son begs. 

Scott's father rips on streaming, saying those shows lack ideas and often have to make up shows within shows (which is exactly what South Park has done this season). Still, the episode also goes hard on the cable company and the long window of time given for appointments and disrespectful installers. 

The end of the episode has the best kicker, which is a commercial to call Trey Parker in order to buy the streaming rights to the Scott Malkinson Show. An actual working Fairplay, Colorado number is flashed onscreen.

Sure enough, when called, there is a recording of Parker giving multiple options to faux shows that have been created within this season. He is selling each for hundreds of millions of dollars, a joke on that fact that HBO Max just acquired the rights to stream South Park from Hulu in a deal worth a reported $500 million.