'South Park' Takes on Gentrification; Kenny's Poor Family Is Targeted

City Wok is about to get a new employee.
Courtesy of Twitter @SouthPark/Comedy Central
South Park

The town of South Park is becoming a whole lot nicer, and Kenny's family — often noted as the poorest — may not be a part of the plan. 

In the third episode of season 19 titled "The City Part of Town," South Park will be "rewarded for the great strides it’s made in becoming more up-to-date," according to Comedy Central. 

Exactly what that means is unclear, but since the show has been sticking with continuous storylines the past few seasons, it may have something to do with everyone becoming more PC this season. 

Kenny will take a job at City Wok in an effort to climb out of poverty, according to Comedy Central. 

The new episode of South Park airs Wednesday.