'South Park' Leans Into China Censorship Controversy: "F*** the Chinese Government!"

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for the South Park episode "SHOTS!!!"]

Trey Parker and Matt Stone made it clear how they feel about South Park being banned in China: "Fuck the Chinese government!" 

That was the message in Wednesday's new episode titled "SHOTS!!!" — the third of the 23rd season.

"SHOTS!!!" revolved mostly around Cartman avoiding immunization shots by saying they would make him "artistic," which he did not believe. He just did not like the pain and pulled false talking points off the internet so he could remain in school. 

But there was another plot line that steered straight into the actual international news headlines the show made last week.

South Park was banned in China for the episode "Band in China," in which the government was bashed. The show also went after Hollywood and the NBA for doing business with the country. Parker and Stone have since become folk heroes of sorts in Hong Kong, with protestors showing bootlegged copies of "Band in China" on large projector screens on the streets. 

The Chinese government reacted by banning the show and scrubbing all mentions off its internet.

The show responded to the move in "SHOTS!!!" with four words: "Fuck the Chinese government."

Randy, who was making a lot of money by selling weed to China and looking past its human rights atrocities, was made to state the declaration when his former business partner, Towelie, bashed China and anyone who could do business with the country.

Randy first tried to just mutter the words because he didn't want to lose the Chinese business, but he ended up yelling them so Towelie would believe he meant it.

"SHOTS!!!" was a milestone for Parker and Stone, as it marked the 300th episode of their Comedy Central series.