'South Park' Sets Sights on Donald Trump

The former 'Apprentice' host is not mentioned in the preview, but his campaign slogan makes an appearance.
Courtesy of Comedy Central

South Park is going to take on illegal immigration, and with that, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump

In the second episode of the 19th season, which airs Wednesday, "The boys are at odds with the increasing number of undocumented immigrants in their classroom. Mr. Garrison wants to build a wall to keep them all out," according to Comedy Central.

South Park
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In the trailer for "Where My Country Gone?" Garrison — wearing a helmet and barrel for some reason — stands between Jimbo and Ned and delivers a rousing speech to supporters. Although Trump is not directly mentioned in the preview, there is a person in the crowd holding a sign that reads: "Make [America] Great Again," which is The Donald's campaign slogan.

Trump has also said numerous times he plans on building a permanent Mexico border wall, should he become president.