'South Park' Mocks Disney, Cops and Trump While Addressing Virus in "Pandemic Special"

South Park
Comedy Central

South Park wasted no time taking a swing at essentially everyone and everything that made headlines in 2020.

From COVID-19 to Donald Trump to police brutality, Disney and "chin diapers" (referencing people who do not wear a mask properly), the South Park "Pandemic Special" seemed to sink its teeth into all of 2020.

The hourlong episode, the first of its kind for the long-running Comedy Central cartoon, mainly focused on the pandemic and the possibility that Randy was perhaps to blame after visiting China last season. The show was famously banned in China last season for its critiques of the county's government.

As far as police, the show had officers teaching in South Park Elementary due to the fact they were fired for brutality. While teaching a class, police teachers shoot Token, the show's African American character — and celebrate. The former police officers run the school like a prison.

As for Disney, South Park mocked the issues that the company is facing, which included Mickey Mouse screaming onto the phone that Disneyland should be sold since no one can visit the theme park as it is currently closed under state regulations.

South Park mocked Trump (Mr. Garrison), yet again, the "Pandemic Special" highlighting the president's apparent complete lack of concern about the novel coronavirus in the U.S. and the death toll that has ensued due to the virus.

A Dr. Anthony Fauci character also appeared, telling the town to wear their masks properly (over their noses and mouths), which was mocked by some as they preferred wearing their "chin diapers," the mask below the mouth.

Ultimately, the Trump character ruins everything; looking to the camera and saying, "Big election coming up. Don't forget to get out and vote."