'South Park' Episode Triggers Viewers' Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Was this done on purpose? Well, it is Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
Comedy Central/Hulu
episode "White People Renovating Houses"

The 21st season of South Park premiered on Wednesday and, as the show usually does, touched on multiple current topics. 

The episode, "White People Renovating Houses," mostly skewered the white nationalist movement, poking fun at members' obsession with waving the Confederate flag. 

But it was another aspect of the storyline that was messing with some viewers' smart speakers.

Both Alexa and Google Home were featured in "White People Renovating Houses," and the cartoon characters yelling commands at their cartoon models for 30 minutes played havoc on some actual Alexa and Home models. 

"We have an Amazon Alexa and a Google Home and South Park repeatedly screwed with both of them tonight," one Twitter user noted. Another viewer said he got so sick of his model going off, he had to unplug it. And another posted video of the incident.

Was this done on purpose? Well, it is South Park

Also notable is that the episode appeared to be a one-off, which is what creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker told The Hollywood Reporter they were thinking of going back to after last season struggled with an overarching storyline involving a Trump-like character. 

Still, Cartman's girlfriend was back, which Parker mentioned to THR as a possibility.