'South Park' Skewers "Treasonous Pig" Rudy Giuliani

South Park - Publicity still - H 2019
Comedy Central

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for the South Park episode "Season Finale"]

South Park didn't just dip into Donald Trump and U.S. politics in Wednesday's episode, the Comedy Central cartoon went full steam ahead. 

For the first time since a tiny glimpse last season, Mr. Garrison's Donald Trump character played a major role in the storyline, which saw Randy in trouble for the misdeeds he had committed earlier in the season and blamed on "Mexican Joker."

But it was Rudy Giuliani who got the brunt of the skewering in "Season Finale," the sixth episode of the 23rd season. 

The Giuliani character was first introduced when his head popped up from under Garrison-Trump's desk in the Oval Office. The moment happened while Randy was on the phone with Garrison's Trump, asking if he knew any good lawyers. Garrison's Trump responded, "No, but I know Rudy Giuliani." 

In reality, Giuliani is Trump's personal attorney and one of his staunchest defenders. He is also entangled in the current impeachment investigation of the president. 

Called a "treasonous pig" at one point by a newscaster, Giuliani kept appearing throughout the episode (sometimes struggling to keep his dentures in his mouth), trying to help Randy avoid prison.

The Giuliani character was slimy and kooky and finally Randy had to tell him to get away after winning his court case. 

Trump was also knocked in the episode, Randy realizing his personal character had eroded because no matter how poorly he behaved, he never felt like he was acting any worse than the president, thereby continuing to slip down a path of awfulness.