'South Park' Season Finale Drops Uncensored C-Word

South Park Still H 2016

South Park crossed what appeared to be a new line, even in its 22nd season. 

In Wednesday night's episode, "Bike Parade," the Comedy Central cartoon dropped the c-word uncensored. The show has used the word before, but it has been bleeped.

The c-word is rarely heard on television, although FX's Feud aired the word during its premiere in 2017. This is the second time South Park has dropped the word unbleeped. The first time was in 2007's "Le Petit Tourette."

This time, the moment happened toward the end of the episode when Santa Claus stops by the town to deliver toys since there are none, as the Amazon factory in town had shut down over a strike. 

In the show, Santa says he would be happy to help because his friend Mr. Hankey lives there. Problem is, earlier in the season, the town made Mr. Hankey leave for tweeting awful messages, which he blamed on Ambien — a joke about the Roseanne Barr controversy

When Santa learns what happened, that Mr. Hankey was made to leave over some tweets (which also had a Kevin Hart controversy ring to it), he angrily leaves, saying "Good luck sucking Jeff Bezos' dick, you bunch of c---s." (The f-words spoken by the characters in the episode were censored.)

Among other surprises were the Trump character finally showing up. This season ignored him completely except at the end of the finale when he is shown in handcuffs with police. 

The cartoon created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone has been pushing boundaries since it aired in 1997. The subject matter and language of the children in the show has always been edgy. In one episode, the word "shit" is uttered 162 times. The show has committed blasphemy on everyone from the Virgin Mary to Tom Cruise.

The marketing campaign for the most recent season was simply: #cancelsouthpark.