'South Park' Takes on Caitlyn Jenner in Season 19 Premiere

If Tom Brady doesn't have to be punished, then neither does Eric Cartman.
South Park premieres Wednesday.

The boys of South Park are back and they have their sights set on Caitlyn Jenner in the 19th season premiere episode of the Comedy Central series.

"Stunning and Brave" airs Wednesday night, and from the trailer, it looks like New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady and wife, Gisele, are going to get trolled too following his Deflategate suspension — or lack thereof. 

Show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are both from Colorado and fans of the Denver Broncos, so this is not the first time Brady has been made fun of and it likely won't be the last. 

As for Jenner, it remains unclear just how Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman will handle their interaction with the show's version of the former Olympian, but according Comedy Central, they "express their utmost respect."

"There is a new principal at the helm of South Park Elementary. He forces the boys to confront the damage they’ve done through their history of racism and unconscious bias. It is the most stunning and brave South Park ever," Comedy Central said in a release. 

Jenner could not immediately be reached for comment.