'South Park' Takes on Deflategate; Skewers Tom Brady and Roger Goodell

South Park Still - H 2015
Courtesy of Comedy Central

South Park returned to Comedy Central for its nineteenth season Wednesday and the premiere episode perfectly summed up the "Deflategate" back-and-forth between the NFL and the New England Patriots, namely NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick.

During a dream sequence, Eric Cartman imagines himself as the three aforementioned, pointing fingers over who broke the rules and who makes the rules, peppered with some F-bombs, of course. In the end, nothing was decided. 

Cartman also invoked Brady's name when he said he was not going to accept four days of detention — which mirrors Brady's original four-game suspension. Once the character railed against the punishment and won, he stated he would go home to his "hot wife, who isn't even that hot and kind of looks like a dude."

While it was a new topic, this is not the first time the show has made fun of the Brady and Belichick. They have been featured numerous times in unflattering situations.