'South Park' Takes on Gun Control in Season Finale

"The citizens of South Park feel safer when armed."
South Park/Comedy Central
South Park

It has been a wild 19th season for the Comedy Central staple South Park, and this week's finale appears to be ending with a bang — literally.

In the short Monday preview for Wednesday's episode, "PC Principal Final Justice," Cartman and his mom pull guns on each other when Eric refuses to go to bed — clearly a response by show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker to the raging debate about Second Amendment rights. "The citizens of South Park feel safer when armed," according to the Comedy Central preview for the episode. 

The 19th season of the cartoon about a small mountain town in Colorado has received critical acclaim for its continuous storyline as well as topics it has spearheaded, including a Donald Trump presidency, gentrification and sponsored content in news stories. 

A new central figure, PC Principal, was introduced in the first episode of the season, and it appears the character's arc will reach its conclusion. 

"The gentrification of South Park is pricing Randy right out of town," according to Comedy Central. "Meanwhile, Kyle's distrust of Stan has broken their friendship and thrown Kyle into a dangerous alliance."