'South Park' Premiere Theorizes ICE Detention Camps Could Create "Mexican Joker"

South Park Mexican Joker - H 2019
Comedy Central/YouTube

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for the South Park episode titled "Mexican Joker."]

The newest season of South Park premiered Wednesday night, and among the multiple storylines, the Comedy Central cartoon touched on detention camps at the Southern border. 

In the episode titled "Mexican Joker," Kyle is among the townspeople picked by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and placed within a detention camp with numerous kids. Kyle's family was reported by Erik Cartman, who wanted revenge for all the previous teasing. 

When authorities discover Kyle is Jewish, they plan on letting him go. He then demands all the children be set free, warning that otherwise the treatment could create the "Mexican Joker" in that the children will grow up to hate the United States. It also appears to be a comment on the concerns about the upcoming Warner Bros. film Joker.

Taking his warning literally, not figuratively as he seems to have intended, authorities then try to determine which of the children is the Mexican Joker via a graphic puppet show and then shock treatment. 

Kyle tries to tell them there is no actual Mexican Joker but to no avail.

Weeks before the 23rd season began, South Park was renewed by Comedy Central through 2022.