'South Park': Trump Character Begs Nation to Vote for Clinton

Garrison's Trump Plea - H 2016
Comedy Central/Hulu

The South Park version of Donald Trump really, really does not want to be elected president, and in the final episode before the actual Nov. 8 presidential election, he makes one final plea. 

In Wednesday's new episode, "Fort Collins," the show's Trump, represented by Mr. Garrison (referred to as "Giant Douche"), begs voters to elect Hillary Clinton. 

"I want to speak with you human-to-human because, with God's grace, this will be the last time you ever hear from me," Garrison's Trump begins. "When I started this campaign, I started saying a lot of shit because I was angry. And then I turned the anger into pushing buttons by being more and more outrageous. Slowly people started paying attention to me, and I guess it made me feel powerful."

The over-the-top (even by Garrison's usual standards) orange-faced character started to realize this season — the show's 20th — that he may beat Clinton for the White House, which he didn't actually want. Since then, he's tried turning supporters' opinions against him. But so far, little has worked. 

"Well now the chickens have come home to roost," Garrison's Trump says in his speech. "Sooner or later, we all get exposed. We're all held accountable for what we say and what we do. There's only one thing that matters now: On Nov. 8, you must vote against me." 

There will not be a new episode next week. The show will return Nov. 9. 

The faux GOP presidential nominee explains that a vote for Clinton is a vote against J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which the show has argued was nothing more than a reboot because people get swallowed up by their nostalgia and can't handle anything new, whether it be a movie or a presidential candidate. 

Earlier in the season, The Trump-esque character attempted to turn off female voters by becoming a misogynist stand-up comic, a riff on the actual Trump tape made in 2005, when the billionaire businessman was caught on a hot mic using vulgar language about women.