'South Park' Turns Trump Character Into Misogynist Stand-Up Comic

The episode riffs off the recent headline generating tape from 2005 in which Trump and 'Today' host Billy Bush were extremely vulgar when talking about women.
South Park/Comedy Central
'Douche and a Danish'

It appears the Donald Trump character from South Park will become a women-bashing stand-up comic, keeping in line with the show's election thread for its 20th season.

In a preview for this week's episode released Monday, titled "Douche and a Danish," the Trump character represented by Mr. Garrison — referred to as "Giant Douche" — is shown pacing onstage with a loosened tie, cigarette in hand, as he does a stand-up set degrading women, which the men in the crowd find hilarious. The women, not so much. 

The bit riffs off the recent headline-generating tape from 2005 in which Trump and Today host Billy Bush were extremely vulgar when talking about women. 

In the new South Park clip, Garrison, the Trump character, goes on a rant and, as women leave the show, he says: "Oh, I'm sorry. Did I offend you? Where did I lose you, Honey?" 

The real Trump has been pushing back ever since the tape was leaked and numerous women accused him of unwanted sexual advances. He has been losing female support since, but there are still some female supporters who say they will vote for him over Hillary Clinton. In this season of South Park, Clinton is known as "Turd Sandwich." 

Garrison became the Trump character last season and the show — which has being sticking to a singular storyline with numerous offshoots for the past few seasons — has used him and his running mate, Caitlyn Jenner, in numerous segments that have coincided with actual events, like the first presidential debate. 

Last time we saw Garrison, he was trying to get out of the election, realizing he had taken his stunt too far and he was not qualified to be in the White House. 

The new episode of South Park will air Wednesday.