'Spartacus: Vengeance' Creator Teases 'Impending Doom' Going Into Finale

Liam McIntyre Spartacus Vengeance 2012

On the penultimate episode of Starz’s Spartacus: Vengeance, our hero and his band of rogue slaves were forced to retreat to the cold, unwelcome Vesuvius after their defenses literally went up in flames.

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“Going into the series finale this season the feeling is definitely impending doom. Our heroes are on the heel again,” series creator Steven S. DeKnight tells The Hollywood Reporter. “They’ve really taken it on the chin with Glaber’s assault on the temple in the shadow of Vesuvius.”

THR spoke to DeKnight about the relationship shifts on the previous episode and what to expect going into the finale.

What’s the significance of where we find Spartacus [Liam McIntyre] and his men going into the season finale?
Steven S. DeKnight: Historically, Spartacus and his band were trapped on Vesuvius with only one narrow path leading up and down. So definitely going into this, I was really going for that pervasive sense of doom -- that it’s not good for the rebels.

And while Glaber [Craig Parker] has the advantage over Spartacus, what kinds of trials remain for the Romans?
DeKnight: Going into this season everybody really has an axe to grind against everybody else. And we really wanted to explore that and in classic Spartacus fashion. I’m a big fan of people never really saying exactly what they’re saying. There are always two or three different things going on in a conversation. And the beauty of it is once the season ends, if you go back and watch the whole thing again you’ll start to pick up on the things that were really happening once you know what people really wanted. And a great example of that is Lucretia.

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How would you describe Lucretia’s [Lucy Lawless] state of mind going into the finale?
DeKnight: She’s in a bad place with Ashur. Ashur is going to be granted her husband’s legacy and it’s going to become the House of Ashur. So she’s in a horrible, horrible position. She’s going to be torn away from Ilithyia, who she’s fought so hard all season to stay close to and be given to this horrible, horrible man. So going into the finale, she’s faced with an impossible situation. And she has to maneuver herself out of it.

There’s a pretty big shift for Ilithyia [Viva Bianca] and Glaber’s relationship that many didn’t see coming.
DeKnight: If you re-watch the episode that was the plan all along. If you look at the conversations between [her and  Lucretia] you’ll go, “Oh, she’s not talking about killing Glaber. She’s talking about reclaiming her life through blood by killing Seppia.” So it was all one big setup to get her back in Glaber’s good graces and cement that relationship. She realizes that Varinius, even if Glaber was out of the way now, wouldn’t have anything to do with her. So, really her fate is tied to Glaber. So the whole plan was by the end of the season to bring them back together, but bring them back together in a very dark bloody we are monsters kind of way. So definitely she has hitched her wagon and is embracing the person she is. And the person her husband is going into the finale.

What can you say about the possible deaths on the finale episode?
DeKnight: I always say on Spartacus: The downside of being on Spartacus is obviously we’ll kill just about anybody at any time. But, the upside is you usually get a spectacular death.

The Spartacus: Vengeance finale airs Friday at 10 p.m. on Starz.

Watch a sneak peek below.

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