Star Jones Returns to 'The View'; Addresses 'Ugly' Exit (Video)

The former co-host stopped by her old stomping grounds after a 6 year absence to raise awareness of heart disease, and also discussed her 2006 battle with the Barbara Walters and the network.
ABC/Ida Mae Astute

In her first appearance since a nasty departure in 2006, Star Jones returned to face Barbara Walters once again on The View.

The former host exited the ABC program amid controversy after the network opted not to renew her contract. Jones responded by announcing that she would be leaving the show. Walters would not allow her back the next day and went on to reveal that Jones had asked her co-hosts to lie about her gastric bypass surgery.

The Wednesday interaction was amicable, however, with Walters stating she was “so happy to welcome” Jones back to the set. When asked to discuss the details surrounding her controversial exit, Jones joked, “Are we really going to go here, Barbara?”

“It was ugly,” she recalled. “Nasty things were being said in the media, it just wasn’t a good emotional time.” Jones confessed to taking “real responsibility” for her actions and offered congratulations to the crew on all they had accomplished.

Jones donned a sleeveless red dress for her appearance, in which she raised awareness of heart disease.