'Star Trek: Discovery' Comic-Con Exhibition Offers Best Look at the Series Yet

Star Trek Discovery- SDCC -  Michelle Yeoh -Sonequa Martin-Green  -Publicity - H 2017
While a trailer has been released and the cast and producers are preparing to introduce their entry to the Star Trek universe to fans at their Comic-Con panel Saturday, there's already a treasure chest of information waiting for Trekkies just outside the convention center in San Diego at the Star Trek: Discovery gallery takeover.
The event, being held at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts in the Gaslamp District, allows fans to get up close and personal with the props, costumes and concept art from the forthcoming series. During a private tour, The Hollywood Reporter was able to take a look at what the CBS All Access series was offering Comic-Con attendees.

Upon first entering the exhibit, you are met with two very detailed costumes that show the range of the newest installment of the Star Trek saga. Set 10 years before the original series, the first is a long-haul space-suit work by First Officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green). It's one of three of Martin-Green's costumes on display, hinting that she's going to wind up in many different environments as the lead of the series.
Next to it is the Torchbearer Armor, which is worn by specially chosen Klingon warriors. Klingons will play a big role in the series, as their costumes are well-represented in the exhibit, including T'Kuvma's (Chris Obi). In the series, the character is looking to unite his house with other Klingons to bring the alien race together.

Given that this series takes place a decade before the adventures of Captain Kirk (William Shatner) in Star Trek canon — and this series exists in the prime universe — the Starfleet uniforms you'll see often on the bridge of the USS Discovery have a retro vibe to them. While the primary color of the costume is blue, Starfleet members are also given a color-coded designation based on their roles in the crew. As far as the costumes shown, they represent science, command and medical services, which gets an all-white uniform.

That's not where the customization of costumes ends though. The Starfleet badges worn by the characters not only display their roles but their ranks as well. 
For example, CaptPhilippa Georgiou's (Michelle Yeoh) badge not only has the command insignia emblazoned on it but four dots along the bottom, noting her rank. Burnham's is likewise in the command branch but with only three dots on her badge, denoting her as a first officer.

Sarek, the Vulcan ambassador played by James Frain, is also represented in the activation with both his costume and pendant on display. The placard next to the costume explains that Sarek is the father of Spock and a mentor to Burnham. "Ambassador Sarek is a Vulcan diplomat held in extremely high esteem," it reads. Fittingly, his costume looks almost regal and is a deep red, which helps him stand out among the blue Starfleet uniforms.

Costumes isn't all the installation has to offer though. The exhibit also features a number of weapons and communicators for fans to see, some of which harken back to the original Star Trek with their retro styling, lending more to the idea that this is a show taking place from the past.

The exhibit contains a selection of concept art pieces, showing ship designs from the Klingon fleet. One of the ships is a Klingon sarcophagus, along with a Klingon coffin.

Lastly, the piece de resistance is the captain's chair, taken directly from the bridge of the ship. Fans who visit the installation have the chance to sit in it and take a photograph, but there's also the opportunity to study it close-up. It's interesting to note that the controls in each arm rest are little more than tablets running a visual program. It doesn't stop them from looking incredibly futuristic though.
In all, while chances are that Star Trek: Discovery will debut a trailer during their Comic-Con panel, this exhibit shows far more detail about the new series than a two-minute clip ever could. The chance to study props is a unique one, and the fact that longtime Star Trek diehards can do it before Discovery even debuts makes it extra special.

It's also worth noting that CBS All Access has a lot riding on Star Trek: Discovery. The ambitious drama for the upstart digital platform has been delayed — twice — and saw showrunner Bryan Fuller exit the series. Comic-Con is a place that will make or break this show.