Starz Releases Full-Length Trailer for 'White Queen' (Video)

Rebecca Ferguson and Max Irons co-star in the period drama adapted from Philippa Gregory's best-selling novels.
"The White Queen"

After two sneak peeks were released earlier this year, Starz has unveiled the full-length trailer for upcoming period drama The White Queen.

While the 30-second teaser focused mostly on Max Irons' King Edward IV and his romantic exploits, the new two-minute trailer provides more context to the story — including the women that surround the throne.

VIDEO: Starz's 'White Queen': Watch the Hot New Teaser

The story is relatively simple: Young Edward IV is crowned King of England (with the help of his advisor Lord Warwick, played by James Frain). Instead of going the accepted route in finding his queen, Edward IV falls in love with a commoner, Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson), whom he marries. To say others have a problem with their marriage is an understatement.

The first half of the trailer focuses on their romance, while the final minute or so highlights the conflict that arises out of the romance between Edward IV and Elizabeth — including the desire from those who do not approve to ruin Elizabeth's life for good. (That also includes the manipulative Lord Warwick.) The most ominous warning: "You will have to wade through blood."

VIDEO: Starz Releases First Look at 'White Queen'

The 10-part The White Queen is based on the best-selling novels by author Philippa Gregory. Janet McTeer and Amanda Hale co-star.

Watch the full trailer below:

The White Queen premieres at 9 p.m. Aug. 10 on Starz.

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